Gas Leak

I love weekends.  I guess that statement shouldn't be too extraordinary, but really after a week of hard work and midterm exams, it's nice to just have absolutely nothing to do.  Along with Friday night 90's remakes with mom, another round at the movies on Saturday with Sophie, some well-earned naps and a trip to the telescope.... the weekend really got spiced up at 10:00 PM with a sudden gas leak.  So we changed out of our pajamas and took a field trip to the grocery store.  It never ceases to amaze me how hilarious some of my siblings can be... especially when it's approaching midnight.  Mom had incredible patience to withstand the kids' late night cravings {everything looks delicious when you go to the store to kill time}... but we lucked out when she took us to McDonalds for some cones.  They sang cat food commercial jingles the whole way through the drive through. 

*Bonus Mission Pics* Luzern

I remember when I was a freshman at BYU-H and all my RM guyfriends would talk about "the mish" as if it were some sort of club.  They loved their missions, and the more time I spent with them the more giddy I was about leaving to England.  Now, I have fallen into that same habit as them: talking about the mish. ALL. THE. TIME.  Whenever I'm with other RMs, we spend the entire time gushing over the people, the culturse, the teaching experiences and the missionary lifestyles of our different missions.
This past week I got to give a presentation to the youth.  I wore my dirndl, decked the table with souvenirs, projected some of my favorite mission blog posts, and got them guessing about the weirdest food I ate on my mission (answer: brain jello).  Among many things, I told all the youth that they needed to start preparing for their missions by, for example, learning how to cook.  I specified that peanut butter sandwiches and Mac'n'Cheese don't count cause many countries don't have such foods.... and every group without fail asked me in desperate hope, "WHAT ABOUT RAMEN?!"  *facepalm*
Needless to say, I am ECSTATIC to return to my mission.  

PHX First Friday

I crave that city life again.
 Phoenix isn't quite the same, but it's getting there.  Tall buildings, one-lane traffic, thick crowds-- it hits some of those requirements for being chaotically interesting.  Even better, the first Friday of every month, ALL the art exhibits are free.  

October Recap

Fall is my favorite part of the year because it is that wonderful, spicy lead-up to my other favorite part of the year {Christmastime}.  My obsession with pumpkin corners me into the kitchen where I, for the space of 3 months, become a baking addict.  I enjoy being home for this latter quarter of the year because we Americans tend to go way over-the-top and have absolutely no shame about it.  

I've been somewhat MIA this month and that can possibly be explained by this photo:
It's nice to be working though, and to know that I will be able to pay for a lot of my education on my own.  I'm in a much better mood than I was yesterday, when I missed two questions on my online American Heritage quiz and had my entire grade drop down 8%. This, of course, was after I had gotten up at 7AM to write an essay and then later got home from Phoenix and worked on the same class till almost 11PM. 
But life is good, because living at home means getting crash-cuddled by Olivia in your bed. It means finding Eric on the couch having his own Insidious marathons, or dowsing your popcorn with caramel sugar whilst at the movies with mom.  It means discovering that your 16-year-old cat has suddenly become demanding and grumpy {yet still lovable}.  It means helping at youth activities or being mesmerized at Sophie's crafting abilities or watching Adam sprint past the entire opposing team to score a touchdown -- TWICE -- or just calling up a childhood friend to say, "Hey let's do something crazy." 

"Haunted Museum" rooftop dance party with Tyler.  Considering our childhood obsession with dinosaurs, the location couldn't have been more perfect.

Bonus Mission Pics - PFAHLBAUTEN / Semi-Bilingual Problems

It's not like I came home with an accent or with an exceptionally hard time speaking English.  That would be a lie.  I spoke English every day of my mission, even in those more strong-willed times when I tried not to.
However, I have continually had a hard time with a few things: spelling, Gerlishing, words that have German cognates, and idioms-- even if they have nothing to do with German!

Dad: "Did you see there's a new Spiderman movie with a third actor for Peter Parker?"
Me *disgusted* : "Gosh, Marvel needs to stop juicing every franchise for the money!"
Dad: *raised brow*
Me: "Wait...."
Me: "......milking everything?"
Dad: "Milking it for all it's worth?"
Me: "....Yeah, that one."

Rachel: "I'm really upset that my laptop went kaput on me!"
Me: "When did I teach you that?!"
Rachel: ?
 Me to Dallin: "Hey can I take a little pause from texting so I can work on my online class and just get my test over the way?"
Dallin: "You mean out of the way?"
Adam: "I'm down to get dessert.  Where do you want to go?"
Me: "Well what's in the near?" (literal translation of German in der Nähe instead of "what's closeby")     
 Me: "You learned Spanish on your mission, so what did you usually do for Sprachstudium?"
Anthony: "For what??!" 
Me: "Er, language study."
 Me to Olivia: "Do you say, 'He held my hand FAST' or 'He held my hand FEST?'"
 Me: "I think this route of school would be for my for my best?"
Me:  "So we were talking to this guy on a train and just when it started getting good we had to get out at our haltestelle!"
Dallin: "English please?"
Me: "Crap, what is that word?"
Dallin: ?
Me: ______
Me: "Busstop... no."
Me: _____
Me: "Freaking heck."
Me: "Trainstop."

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